I decided media and creation was right for me naturally. My youth, filled with writing, music, artwork, creating and editing video, made it clear as I entered Colorado State University that I wanted to do this forever, in some capacity. I majored in Journalism and Media Communication because I knew it would allow me to create, start conversation, and be an innovator while flexing my creative muscle.

After graduating in 2015, telling others I majored in journalism sparked an abundance of questions about the dying print industry and the current political climate of fake news and media-bias. “It’s an interesting time to go into journalism now, huh?” I wasn’t quite sure I was a breaking-news hungry journalism junkie, but I knew I was passionate about media, communication, and creation.

A year and a half after graduation, not quite knowing what I wanted to do with my degree, I started working at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary to pursue a new idea I was curious about – the emerging marijuana industry in Colorado. Only a few months in, I naturally gravitated toward volunteering my help in updating the shop websites, social media accounts, and designing in-shop postings and promotions.

As a marketing team member and front-of-house manager at Verts, I enjoyed enhancing the shop in all respects – stepping up all of our in-store postings with my design, and helping improve our accounts with video content, interesting design, and engaging photos of the staff and increasing the shop brand. Tackling something new and emerging like the marijuana industry was a great experience that has enlightened my interest in pursuing media in all respects.

I am looking to continue expanding the scope of my media experience and to challenge myself to grow in all respects of communication and creation. I aim to use my creativity and my years of experience in writing and editing, video editing, photography, art, and music to bring new and important ideas to light in my community.

In addition to the pieces on my portfolio, you can see every piece I authored during my time at the Rocky Mountain Collegian with my author tag on their website.