The Interactive News Team at the Collegian wanted to create a long form, online post with multimedia to engage the CSU community for Valentine’s Day. The team and I traveled around the CSU campus, asking questions about love to students, we pushed for social media interaction, and we facilitated an on-campus event, which asked students to write down who they loved. I shot and edited this video to accompany it. The full post can be seen here.

As a part of a community engagement piece discussing the end of summer, I shot and edited this video getting the perspectives of CSU students on the changing seasons. In addition, the Interactive News Team and I compiled information to make a digital exclusive hub of information for our audience. The entire post can be seen here.

For my electronic field production course, I profiled Hannah Hemperly, a news editor at the Collegian during the fall 2014 semester and an American who grew up in Malaysia. Hannah was also preparing to study abroad in Japan, so I captured the story of the dedicated traveler.

A reporter at the Collegian was writing a story about Jenna Allen, an artist painting a piano in Old Town Fort Collins, and the 150th anniversary of Pianos About Town. I went with him to make a video about the artist to accompany his written piece. The full package can be seen here.