This is a short I made for my JTC 440 class. I wanted to portray what bipolar disorder is like through sound and visuals alone, with no dialogue. I looked at insomnia, anxiety, triggers, and self-medication specifically. The music was also made by me.

I made this video for my final project in electronic field production. I decided to go a more comedic route and write a rap song about the mundane activity of going to Taco Bell, and then I made a music video to go along with it.

For my final project in an advanced video editing class at CSU, I made what I’d consider an anthology music video about Fort Collins’ MAX transit system. I have used the MAX as a form of transportation since it was built next to my college home, so I thought it would be an interesting, tongue-in-cheek approach.

I made this video in my free time during the hours following my final classes of spring semester 2014 at CSU. I wanted to make something ridiculous and impulsive, so I put together a nonsensical rap song documenting the random entrance a cup of “Taco Bell fruit juice” makes into my life and the erratic behavior it inspires.